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Live Chat System

Antiff Tech Solutions offers LiveHelpGenie - the industry leading Live Chat and Monitoring software for your Customers and Users. Live Chat is an online Website chat that allows your Customers to integrate live agent-based chat capabilities on their website. With Live Chat, your Customers can track and monitor visitors on their website, chat with visitors to their website, invite Visitors to chat with them, and much more

Live Monitoring and Chat Features

Chat Features

  • Multiple Simultaneous Agents
  • Multiple Departments
  • Configurable Chat Distribution - UCD, Round robin etc
  • Agent to Agent transfer
  • Operator to Operator chat
  • Intuitive Windows-based agent interface
  • Ability to accept / reject incoming chat requests
  • Unlimited Simultaneous chats
  • Secure SSL based Chat
  • Canned Response Manager
  • Push Images, Links, Pages, Proactive Messages
  • Ability to chat in multiple languages
  • Emoticons
  • Leave a message when offline


Chat Initiation

  • Visitor initiated Chat from Website / Email
  • Autopopup Chat
  • Invite Visitor to Chat
  • Force Chat


Activity Monitor

  • Real-Time Site Activity Monitor
  • Monitor 1000's of visitors simultaneously
  • Visitor History
  • Visitor Browser Type, Country, Browsing history
  • Visitor Time spent per page


Branding & Customization Features

  • Visitor's chat window fully customizable
  • Chat Button/Icons fully customizable
  • Fonts, Colours and Font Style


Reporting and Analysis

  • Chat Satisfaction Survey
  • Retrieve/Search Chat Transcripts
  • Detailed Reporting and Statistics


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